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Optimize your bioprocesses faster with better data access and collaboration

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  1. From lab to production

    From lab to production

    Your scientists want to compare data across different scales. We make it easy to do advanced analytics — regardless of scale.

  2. On-line, in-line, off-line

    On-line, in-line, off-line

    Your team generates data from multiple sources: analytical equipment, on-line sensors, and manual interventions. Invert gathers it all in one place so you can get back to work faster.

  3. Upstream to downstream

    Upstream to downstream

    Invert captures data across your whole value chain, from strain engineering to downstream processing — it's all in one place.

Design experiments and workflows

When you specify workflows in Invert, we'll make sure that data always gets ingested correctly and stays up to date. Common workflows and one-offs are easily created and managed.

Analyze data faster

Invert makes it easy to gain insights from your data at a glance. Whether you want to create a complex historical plot, or correlate protocol changes to production outcomes –– it's all just a click away. No writing code needed.

Data science ready out of the box

Your data scientists shouldn't be wasting time on data management and migrations. Invert handles all that, so your data science team can get back to what they're passionate about.

Works with your instruments and data tools.

Invert integrates with common tooling across labs and production facilities, from software solutions to analytical equipment. If we don't currently support you favorite tools, we'll get right on it!

We’ll fit right in

Who we work with

We think Invert is helpful regardless of your headcount, expression system, or product.


Whatever format you’re working in, Invert can help you manage your data and prepare you for tech transfer.


Tech transfer is hard when working with many customers. Invert makes it easy by creating standardized formats for in- and output data.


Whether you’re an established player or a startup, the speed of process improvement is key. Invert helps you make more product for less.


We’re passionate about replacing animal-agricultural supply chains, and love working with startups in the field.
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